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Bear The Golden Retriever - A Dog Like No Other


Queensland, Australia

Posted July 26, 2016

I have always wanted a Golden Retriever and in Bear, I definitely got what I hoped for. He is very amiable and adores big hugs. He is very affectionate and can often be found trying to lean against me. In terms of training, he is suitably obedient but I believe it would have been more beneficial to have professional obedience training when he was a puppy. Up to three or four years of age, he was like a giant puppy, although I have heard this to be common for Golden Retrievers.

While I don't have children myself, he seems very well-behaved with other people's children. An accidental poke in the eye, or step on the tail seems to go unnoticed by him. In my experience, he is very people-oriented, so the company of another dog doesn't replace the company of his humans. I wouldn't suggest Golden Retrievers are a suitable breed to leave on their own a lot as he seems to suffer from some separation anxiety resulting in barking.

Bear loves routine, even down to which side of the road or direction we walk in. He has a quirk too - he likes to collect stones and line them up outside our back door. He is quite clever and has learned to open some of our doors. He also loves to carry things around and bring them to you (he had a particular love for stuffing towels into his mouth as a puppy!).

Overall, he is a wonderful and happy companion. Ever since I bought Bear, he has been my best mate. I would definitely choose to have another Golden Retriever in the future.

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