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Gender: Female

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Angel is truly an Angel.


United States

Posted July 30, 2015

Training Angel was a breeze. She is very responsive to food and attention and it only took a few tries for her to associate sit and down with my hand signals. Potty training took a little longer, but not long. The biggest problem in the very beginning was leaving her and her brother alone for too long. The house was destroyed a couple times, especially because she's very smart and could get through our blockades pretty easily.

She's also great with children. At one time we had six baby cousins running around, pulling tails, and trying to ride the dogs. While Sam, her brother, tried to hide or run away, she would remain patient and continue giving them kisses. She is very clingy with me and always tries to get my attention by pawing at me or nudging me. Besides that, she's not much of an attention hog and is easily satisfied with being in the company of her humans, though she won't say no to an invitation on the couch.

While I fully trust her with people of all ages, I definitely wouldn't leave her alone with small pets without giving it some time. I distinctly remember taking a walk with her, turning my back for a moment, and looking back at her holding the tail of a mouse in her mouth. I also brought one of my cats home and while she was much better than her brother, she was definitely too much for my cat. She couldn't take the multiple hints (clawing and hissing) and kept wanting a sniff of the new creature in the house. While she doesn't chase the cat around like Sam, I would need to supervise the time she spends with a smaller pet a couple times before being comfortable enough to know she won't bother it.

I rated her very low as a guard or watch dog because she's too friendly. She might bark if she sees someone walk up the driveway (though she'll probably let Sam do the barking for her), once he's through the door it's all smiles and tail wags.

Overall, I would highly recommend golden retrievers for individuals or families who have the time to exercise them daily and brush them frequently. They are loyal, loving, and patient dogs.

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