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Bruno, my love


263, Zimbabwe

Posted December 8, 2014

Golden retrievers are among the most popular dogs in the world. They are generally easy to train. Golden retrievers need plenty of exercise though, because they are prone to obesity, especially later on in life. Words cannot truly express the love that I had for my dog Bruno. You see, she was my first ever dog. She was a birthday present from a family friend when I was 10. Bruno had a sweet temperament. She was so much fun to play with, I got a lot of exercise running around in the yard with her. She loved bath time, and she clearly had affection for me. I shared all my food with her, which she just loved. Bruno didn't like to share food with the puppies she had later in life. She was a bit of a selfish mommy. As a matter of fact we had to chase her down to get her to feed her first litter at all. Overall Bruno was an excellent companion, a great guard dog and a good friend. Bruno passed on when an intruder threw poisoned meat over our durawall and she ate it. I suppose this is where some training would have helped, maybe she would have known not to eat the poisoned meat. I was away at the time and couldn't even be part of her burial, which made me doubly distraught.

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