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Posted June 27, 2013

For around 7 to 8 years I have had two Golden Retriever/Black Lab Mixes, both from the same litter, firstly let me state that they live up to one of their greatest claims to fame; that is that they are incredibly beautiful dogs. The beauty of having a Black Lab mixed with a Golden Retriever is that you get the long silky fur and body type of a Golden Retriever, yet the midnight black fur color of the Black Lab, resulting in an exceptionally beautiful and unique dog.

The second claim to fame of Golden Retrievers is that they are friendly dogs, and so far as my experience goes this has also rung true, they are very friendly dogs. However be warned, if you are looking for a guard dog, then a Golden Retriever is not for you when it comes to guarding against unwanted humans. They are very likely to simply bark at them, and do nothing more. However I will say that when it comes to guarding against unwanted, and potentially dangerous animals that they can be great! My Golden Retrievers have helped me locate and exterminate at least two snakes, and chase off many other animals.

When it comes to activity levels Golden Retrievers tend to come in all shapes and sizes, my Male (Teddy) has always been a rather lazy dog, or a "chill dog" - it all depends on how you look at it. However my female Golden Retrievers (I have had two) have had medium, to even exuberant energy levels. Especially when I have returned from a long trip, or they are hungry!

When it comes to grooming these dogs tend to be very difficult to keep well groomed. Especially because of their long fur, and shedding. It is even more difficult if you live in an area where ticks are a problem.

In the end it simply is a matter of what you want in a dog, if you want a family dog that is friendly and good with kids, then this is your dog! However if you want a Guard Dog in a residential area then you might want to look at other breeds.


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