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Posted February 2, 2014

German Shepherds have always been a favored breed in my family, since my Dad grew up with them. They are a breed that he worked with training for years.

As a kid I got to hear stories about my dad's german shepherd dogs, and I believe every single one of them because I grew up with a German Shepherd named German (There was German, the male and Shepherd, the female).
Germ, as we called him, was the greatest dog anyone could ever ask for!
As a puppy he caused his share of chaos, he liked to bite a lot but what puppy doesn't?

German grew up to be the biggest teddy bear of "Watch" dogs. He was a big boy (About 90lbs) and put up a tough front with strangers (only if my dad hadn't greeted them, if he greeted the stranger, then German relaxed a little and resorted to keeping a close eye on the new person). But when it came to family time, German was a cuddler. I remember lying on the floor with him as a young girl, and we'd both fall asleep.

German wasn't an excessive barker either. He barked if he didn't know someone that was approaching our yard, but when my Dad or one of us kids told him to be quiet he usually listened.

German spent most of his younger years playing with my brother and I outside. We had a large sandbox that he would play with us in. If we started digging holes, he started digging holes. His bond with us would be proven when a new neighbor (unaware that we didn't want people to just open the gate of our front yard and walk in...) walked into our front yard when my Dad was inside.
German ran up to the girl and bit her arm. She did bleed and definitely could have sued us, but she didn't, and ended up becoming "friends" with German. That simple mistep was the ONLY problem we ever had with German!

Sadly in 2012 we had to say goodbye to German because he suffered from hip displacia and could no longer walk.

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