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Oh How I miss Tiger


+254, Kenya

Posted October 3, 2013

I grew up in a family of 5 kids and I was the third born. Being in the middle, I would more or less be overlooked in many things making me an introvert. That was until my 8th birthday when my dad bought me a dog. My life has never been the same again. I received a little German shepherd dog that I decided to name Tiger.
Tiger was a great dog. He was a friend to everyone who lived in our compound and did not smile with anyone from the outside. Tiger was like a self-trained dog. He was very intelligent and self sustaining. He learnt things so fast and even though we did not have any dog-training experience, he did not need to be told too many times. He was therefore an easy dog to train. It took him one day to learn that he shouldn’t poop in the house. He identified a spot outside and used that for the rest of his long life.
Tiger was intelligent in that he knew who was a friend and who wasn’t. If I walked into the compound with a friend, he automatically became a friend to Tiger….depending on how we were interacting. If I was mad at someone, so was tiger. No one could access the compound without someone from the inside being with them.
This proved very valuable to us when thieves tried to break into our house. Tiger attacked the two thieves, drawing blood from one. The chaos woke us up and we raised the alarm. The thieves managed to get away, but not after one of them had lost a lot of blood. Suffice it to say, Tiger’s menu became a lot better after that. Plenty of meat and milk in his plate.
We grew older with Tiger, learning all sorts of things together. I had to leave for school at one point when teenage hood kicked in. I would miss Tiger and he me. Our reunions were always a joyous occasion. Even for those around us watching. I came back from boarding school once and found Tiger limping heavily with one back leg. He had grown old and he was unable to walk properly.
When I returned from school for the holidays one summer, I was not met by Tiger. My dad had put him down due to old age. I am not ashamed to say that, at the age of sixteen, I cried for one of my best friends.

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