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Florida, United States

Posted October 9, 2015

We got our German shepherd from a great aunt who passed away and had him since he was a puppy. At the time she had a care taker who was looking after him and had told everyone how mean the dog was. He was also anti social and slightly aggressive, so no one wanted him, though the caretaker could no longer look after him.

So we picked him up, and ever since he has been extremely loving and sweet. the moment we got him home his entire demeanor changed and he was just like a happy puppy. He loves running around the yard, but likes being close to a fault. He is also very protective and will growl at people in warning to keep their distance. He also had a thing about our cats that we are still trying to break him of, where he likes to bark and whine at them. Though it is a bit difficult since our cats like to purposefully taunt him constantly.

This breed as a whole is a good breed and I would suggest anyone who has the time to train them. They are good around kids and other animals, when socialized properly. Though keep your cats at bay especially if their like mine.

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