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Posted July 14, 2015

I had a dog for many years: he was the living being I loved most in my life, and I never thought I could have and love another dog as much as I loved Cucho. Back then, I wasn't living with my parents, even though I visited them on weekends. One afternoon, my mom called to tell me that we had been given a new dog. Her name was Layla. I was a little worried about Cucho being jealous of the new puppy, so I went to my house the next day and I found Layla lying on the sofa in the yard. I didn't know how to approach her, so I pet her a little just to let her know I was a friend.

As the days went by, I noticed she was really playful and had a lot of energy, unlike my other dog, who was getting old and tired. Layla, the german shepherd, really wanted to make friends with Cucho, but he, probably out of jealousy, growled at her every time. At first, Layla didn't follow the rules, except that she knew she wasn't supposed to enter the house unless we let her. My brother was the one who tried to train her, but he wasn't really constant at it, so she only knows how to sit down on command. Aside from it, she's obedient and understands when she's being scolded.

A few months after Layla's arrival, Cucho, my older dog, passed away. Layla was really affected by it and that broke my heart. Even though I missed my other dog, I couldn't hide the fact that Layla was always there for me and, in the end, Cucho's death brought us closer than ever. I was afraid of becoming too attached to her, but in the long run, it was inevitable. Layla is an amazingly sweet dog. I know her so well I can read her every action and reaction, and I understand when she's hungry, thirsty, when she wants to play or when she wants me to follow her in order to show me something.

I absolutely love my dog, and I can't wait for her to have puppies!

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