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My beloved Biggie


1001, Argentina

Posted November 18, 2014

As you can see in the attached picture, Biggie is a German Shepherd dog. A male dog.

He has been with me and my famliy for the last 4 years. I didn't raise him, but that wasn't a problem. He adapted very well.

I didn't have kids when he came. Now I have two and I must say he behaves so well with them. My little kids always want to touch him or play... He's now starting to become and old guy and is not always in the mood of playing. If he feels my kids are kind of invading him, he just stands and leave, going to a "safer" place.

As he's getting older, he's starting to need some small extra care. He is experiencing some difficulty to walk sometimes, feeling some ache in the paws... One recommendation I got from the vet was he must not increase his weight. He's quite big, being his weight around 40 kilograms: increasing it would only cause more difficulty. So I give him an special dog food designed for weight control, which also goes well with his not so good digestive system: little after getting him 4 years ago notticed he couldn't assimilate some regular dog food, which caused him diarrhea. Another recommendation I was given was he must not climb stairs...

Biggie has made some vacation trips with us, adapting so well to travel in the rear side of mini van alike cars I rented. Actually, it's something you must consider: once you get a dog, a big dog I should say, it's not so easy to get someone to take care of him/her while you are out. We, as a familiy, needed to adapt a little and started maiking trips only to places where Biggie could come with us.

Some words about grooming... Biggie needs to get some regular hair combing. Mainly to avoid having some loose dog hair all around the house. I don't have problems with dog hair, but my wife does. Taking some care, combing his hair regularly, I can say it decreases the volume of hair he loses.

In addition, Biggie needs to take a bath regularly. One or two times a month is OK. Otherwise, he starts turning a little smelly.

This is is my experience with Biggie... My beloved dog. I'm so happy having him with me. Sometimes I feel, as it's said, he's my best friend. Other times, I just feel him as my son.

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