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Good old Klinsmann


United Kingdom

Posted August 7, 2014

He was a bit snappy when we first got him, he'd flunked out of police training and needed rehoming. We took him in as a favour but as soon as he realised we were his new family and claimed the back garden as his own, he soon settled in and calmed right down.

If I could have changed one thing, his whining to go for walks at 5am would be one of them. He never grew out of that habit, even though he was in a regular routine of being walked right before bed and first thing when we got up.

We had a bit of an issue at first because he knew he was dominant over the children and would only respond to the adults. Apparently this was his pack mentality, so we had to teach them to use a firm tone of voice that he responded to.

Klinsmann would patrol the house and garden like a pro guard dog most of the time, and instead of just throwing things for him, we had to make him little challenges so that getting his ball or his toy back needed a bit of brainpower. That would keep him happy for hours - a great tip our police friend gave us that made for a very happy dog!

He did have a bad habit of stealing the whole sofa if left alone to claim it. You try moving a big dog like that when he'd rather stay asleep! He went through a phase of invading the kids' beds, stretching out like he owned them, and it took some extra disciplining and extra cushions in his dog bed to get him to stop.

Quiet and loyal, he was happy to go along as long as he got to be with us. Still missed.

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