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Penny the Yard Guard


Minnesota, United States

Posted November 28, 2012

Penny was the German Shepherd I grew up with.
We got her when she was about a year old. Penny lived outdoors, since we had a larger property and a barn.
Penny was a very active dog who really should have had better training. She ran away a lot and had to be chased down. It took a great deal of working with her just to learn the property boundaries and for her to stop running away.
Penny was a nice dog, she was just too hyper active to be good around little kids. She wanted to play rough. I remember many scares as she barked wildly chasing us, and scraps and scratches and terror filled moments. Penny even jumped over the top of me once as I crouched down during a game with my siblings, scratching my back. I didn’t like that dog much. It wasn’t her fault. Penny just wanted to play too.
Penny was a very loyal dog, and like all German Shepherds, was very good at keeping our property secure. She barked at everything and everyone who dared come into her territory. She once had the UPS man pinned in terror against the side of his truck! My mother had to rescue the poor man. That is actually a funny memory.
Penny did suffer from allergies and some arthritis as she got older. Not sure if those are common traits, or just our dog.
Overall: A German shepherd needs to be trained to be gentle around small children. They are great at security and are very loyal, but need an active owner who is firm in their training style.

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