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Dan the Man


Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States

Posted June 20, 2014

Dan the Man is what we called him throughout our lives! Dan was preceded by a Coon Hound which got loose one day and attacked the neighbor’s cat. As a result, my parents got rid of the Hound. It was a sad day, but one which soon faded into our memories when they brought home Dan! Dan was a beautiful German Shepherd/Lab mix, carrying most of the features of a Shepherd. He came to us as a small puppy, but grew very quickly!

I have so many memories of Dan. He was a true pal throughout most of my life. When he had grown during his first year, we used to connect him to a sled and let him pull us around our yard in the snow! Dan was a very high energy dog. Sometimes this meant that small children in his path would get knocked over. Our small dogs, Molly and Regan seemed to get along just fine with him - but we couldn’t let him near other dogs! He never once showed aggression towards humans, but he was extremely territorial towards other animals that weren’t household pets. He knew his family and he knew his territory - and he protected it from other creatures!

Dan would often escape from his leash and roam the neighborhoods. There were times we thought he would never come home! But he always did. When my parents moved our family to Alaska, Dan was a true guard dog. I even remember a time he had a standoff with a black bear - one which our Toy Poodle ended up chasing off the property! Despite being outdone by a tiny black Toy Poodle, Dan was still the Man - and still is. Dan passed away a year after I left home for the first time as an adult. It was an emotional moment when I received word via post while living in England. I hope to one day find another dog just like Dan!

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