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Chow Shepherd - my sweet dog


United States

Posted July 20, 2014

From 6 weeks old to 15 years….
A Wonderful, sweet dog =) my other self.

Mr. B., was a litter mate of 11 pups! So cute, I remember having a “puppy bath” with all of them in the back yard, they were bouncing all over me! I giggled so hard, as I played with all of the sweet puppies. I could only choose one, so I picked out my little guy & took him home. We lived in a place, where there was “No dogs allowed”, ok, I was quiet....

But, Mr. B. was not … showering behind a curtain took on a whole new meaning! That little puppy, thru his head back & howled when I disappeared; I didn’t know he had that kind of lung power!! I panicked!!! I scoped him up gently, putting him in the shower with “Mom”, he became the cleanest pup in town! Sleeping for me took on a whole meaning as well, he wouldn’t sleep in the bed next to me of course, so I put him on top of the bed. I learn to sleep in a yoga pose - called a reclined bound angle - your feet together, legs open to the sides; he nestled himself in close, in the nook of my knee every night .... for months.

Mr. Boo, grew fast, so we found another place to live. A nice condo at the beach with a nice yard out back. Although, I did take Boo to the beach often & we’d run together & swim in the ocean, he loved his new yard. Boo was a good boy, sweet & loving….. If, you want a sweet dog, you must give him lots of love like he was your baby; and Boo was mine. We had our moments of course, but not many. I was lucky!!

One such moment, I will share with you…..I will never forget it…..
I came home from work, to find a very wet Happy dog!!!

I followed the wet paw prints, right up to the edge of the Koi pond & over the bricks. Omg, the poor fish, were all at the bottom hiding!!! Can you imagine?? A 75lb. BIG dog jumps in your pond and takes a swim!! I just shook my head at Boo & laughed, then I went into the house and got two Big Sticks – ice pop treats. Boo & I enjoyed our Big Sticks on the patio. I smiled watching Boo, enjoy his, then eat half of mine too! I guess, listening to the trickle of the water from the Koi pond was just too much on such a hot day & Boo, couldn’t resist the sweet idea of a swim.

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