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Riely The Energizer Doggy


United States

Posted May 21, 2016

Owning an Australian Shepherd has it's ups and downs. Riely was a rescue from a place in Tennessee that was going to gas him, (I know right? Really inhumane and horrible!) When we first adopted him he did not trust us, we would let him out in the yard and he would run right back inside the house we think because he thought we were abandoning him, what he did not get at first was that was a part of his home and he was ours. When adopting a rescue you have to have patience and show it lots of love so it feels like it is accepted.

Riely is a very energetic and adorable dog. If you get him riled up he will start running around and jumping on things and just making a mess, whenever he is riled up he runs around the living room jumping literally from couch to couch and we are all worried one day he will end up jumping through a window or something because he's so strong and huge. He was a very laid back dog overall when we first got him, nothing made him bark but being the dog lover I am I encouraged him to bark and howl and stuff, I pretended to be a dog and howled like a dog would and eventually he started howling and it was the most adorable thing ever. He was very easy to train as well, we taught him to sit, lie down and give his paw within a month of trying to teach him. Australian Shepherds tend to learn pretty fast and are super smart. Riely actually one time tricked me into giving up my seat, so I was sitting down on my couch and he apparently wanted to sit but there was no room so he saw my shoes and took one in his mouth to the other side of the room and then when I went to chase after him he literally just took my seat.

Riely was abused and almost killed in Tennessee, which scarred him and he does like attention but he does not like being smothered by any means. Now I'm not sure if that goes for all male dogs or all Australian Shepherds but be very cautious when you adopt a previously abused animal because they are not very trusting.

Riely loves to take garbage form the garbage bag and literally tear whatever he has up and make a huge mess, and I'm not talking about him being a puppy I'm talking present day, this is a feat. of all dogs so beware the amount of messes you will have to clean up if you adopt a dog. He is also very territorial and tends to pee everywhere, when we first got him he had smelled the previous dog we had and peed on my parent's bed , which they then had to replace. He tends to pee a lot during walks and a lot in general, even if he's outside for like an hour he would come inside and pee somewhere in the house, I believe this is a male thing so watch out for this if you adopt a male dog.

Riely is a good dog despite all the downs, he jumps on everyone he meets to greet them and is a total sweetheart overall, he would not hurt a fly and seems to love everyone around him.

As you can tell by the picture I've provided he is quite a gorgeous dog and has beautiful brown eyes. All Australian Shepherds tend to be beautiful and big dogs so if you want to adopt a dog to show off then an Australian Shepherd is the right dog for you.

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