Formosan Mountain Dog Mix

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Formosan Mountain Dog (Taiwanese Street Dog)


United States

Posted September 17, 2013

I found my FMD through Salty Dog Rescue, which is an organization located in Seattle, WA that rescues dogs, and particularly street dogs from Taiwan. Rescuing an animal always has its risks behavioral and physical risks, but I was fortunate to get a healthy ~3 month old puppy.

FMDs are incredibly intelligent and easily trainable dogs. They bond quickly with their families and have an inquisitiveness to them that is quite cat-like. Within the first year she was able to learn all of the basic commands (sit, down, stay, come, drop, shake, etc.) and is now moving onto agility courses. FMDs live up to the "mountain" in their name and are quick and stealthy when it comes to running and maneuvering.

Personality wise, FMDs can be quite shy, timid, and even fearful. However, with ongoing socialization and consistently introducing her to new situations she's making rapid progress to overcome her fears. She is easily startled, for example by the sound of skateboards or small children having tantrums. But after taking time to introduce her to these situations she's improved immensely.

FMDs are considered to have high prey drives, but my pup was raised with a cat and receives regular exercise so there has never been an incident. Health-wise FMDs are often described as being gluten intolerant and I have noticed a marked improvement with her coat, bowel movements, and allergies by switching her to a raw food diet. She's also fairly fastidious with her coat and in a year has seldom needed any grooming.

If you have the time, patience, and willingness to work on properly socializing your pooch, an FMD can be a delightful companion. She's also an excellent size so that she makes for a perfect apartment dog that also is large enough for rough housing and to take backpacking.

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