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10425, Sweden

Posted February 5, 2017

My finnish lapphund

This is a very funny and clever breed with a lot of energy. I know I said it’s a clever breed and I definitely mean that, sometimes he's too clever for his own good ;) Anyways. He is a very loving and caring dog and as many dogs he want to come with you anywhere you go. Unfortunately you can’t take your dog with you anywhere you go and we had some problems leaving him at home in the beginning, took maybe 6 months or so before we could actually leave him a couple of hours. Today we have a few anxiety barks and then it’s fine.

The breed loves to talk and they can make very funny sounds, some individuals bark a lot too. My dog barks a lot when he’s nervous and stressed, and happy - like when he is playing.

Though this is not a first time breed, at least that’s my opinion. And now I’m gonna tell you why.

My dog suffers from congenital stress which has caused him a lot of problems with his stomach. This is not a usual problem but people should know that this breed tend to be highly active in usual cases and my dog’s stress have made that ten times worse. He has big problems to relax when we are not home and in new environments and meeting new people and dogs. It has become a lot better but still today he suffers from a lot of stress.

He has definitely helped me strengthen my patience and all of our continuing training have really paid off. A finnish lapphund is meant to be around family, both people and other dogs, my dog loves people and dogs.

But if you never had a dog before a finnish lapphund is not for you. Maybe if you know someone with a lot of experience about dogs and (positive) training methods that could help you. A finnish lapphund needs a lot of mental (brain) activation, you can’t make it tired by walking 100 miles a day. Mental activation is very important for all breeds but some need it more than others.

I love my dog. He is really wonderful. A great family dog. Goes along well with our chihuahua and tibetan spaniel.

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