Fila Brasileiro

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Fila Brasileiro


Pennsylvania, United States

Posted July 6, 2009

The Fila Brasileiro is also known as Brazilian Mastiffs or Brazilian Molossers. Filas make great family additions that are gentle, loving, loyal and very protective. The Fila Brasileiro is the National Dog of Brazil and their motto is “Faithful as a Fila”. A Fila is a Mastiff that will protect you without a moments hesitation. He feels that is why he is there. Once you bond with your Fila you and your family will become his world. You do not teach your Fila to protect you he was bred to do this on his own. It is in the Filas nature to be loyal and protective of his family. The Fila Brasileiro loves kids and can handle a lot of abuse from them. Ask anyone who has Filas and kids, they will tell you how very gentle and loving theses dogs are with children. They will also bond with the other pets in your home. Fila Brasileiro dogs are known for devotion and loyalty to its family, even when young pups. The breed was developed in Brazil for hunting jaguars, guarding and serving as a catch dog for cattle, and as a guard dog on estates. The Filas loose skin and melancholy expression (and sometimes its vocalizations) recall the Bloodhound ancestry, while its massiveness and adoration of its master echo the Mastiff side. The Fila Brasileiro dogs are a breed that developed in response to the early colonists need for a strong, hardy, working dog. These canines needed to have the ability to herd, track, guard, and be a loyal companion to it’s human family members or master.

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