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3720 - 486, Portugal

Posted May 2, 2014

When I think about Turga now, even despite all the years that have passed, I don´t remember a dog. I remember a family member. She became the family dog when she was only a few months old. Although she was pretty scared of pretty much everything back then, she quickly became a fearless, imponent, elegant and very athletic dog.

From the top of my mind, I can think of two bad things about her: smalls animals were never safe around her. Estrela Mountain dogs are really smart and determined and she wouldn´t give up chasing them until it was more than impossible to catch them. Turga caught and killed at least a couple of cats and small lizards. The second thing isn´t really a flaw. It´s more like a trait. This dog would bark at almost anything that moved and didn´t belong to the family. She would bark at cars, people walking near the house, animals, airplanes... You name it. If it moved, Turga barked. But this comes with a Estrela Mountain dog´s great competence in watching and guarding a house and the members of a family. She was, at the same time, very independent and very caring. I remember her following me, my brothers and my cousins around, whenever we were outside, and then lay down wherever we stopped, quietly watching over us. These dogs are great with kids. They are both very protective and very tolerant with them. She was also a beautiful dog, with a very athletic and imponent pose. If you are looking for a great family dog, that doesn´t need to constantly be the center of attentions, kind, protective and great with kids, I would definitely recommend this portuguese breed. A word of advice, though: don´t make them share their living space with other dogs, specially if they are a different breed and make sure they have enough space to run around and investigate. Estrela Mountain dogs are very territorial and they definitely love having a lot of ground to take care of.

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