Estrela Mountain Dog

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The Estrela Mountain Dog


Caerphilly, United Kingdom

Posted April 7, 2010

The Estrela is a primative dog breed which has only left it's working enviroment in recent years.   This dog is in need of respect for his ancient working traits and will never be a border collie type to train.  This breed will become your best soulmate if you allow them to and has an amazing instinct as to people and what they are.  They will recognize disability and adapt to suit, they will also recognize someone with bad intent so always take note and they always recognize friends. 
This is a clown, a protector and most of all a friend.  This breed is not a dog to mindlessly follow commands, he is driven by instinct and this can make him appear stubborn and wilful.  The best association between the Estrela and his master is that of a partnership where each treats the other with respect.  The guard instinct can lead to barking and attempts to curb this should start at a young age.  The barking is rarely mindless and will have a reason even if we may not always be aware of that. He loves to be outside whatever the weather and will live outside in suitable quarters but I must admit that mine sleep on the bed with us. This is a very adaptable breed and it is often found that puppies arrive at their new homes and take up residence as if they have always been there.
Socializing is essential with this breed, they can become quite shy and it good practice to get them out as soon as possible.  Do not be taken in by the sweet baby, you must be firm from day one and always walk away on top.  If you give up you let them win and that is a road to disaster.  Sticking to your guns in the early weeks will hopefully give you a balanced dog to share your lives with.

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