Entlebucher Mountain Dog

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Acquired: Breeder (hobby breeder)

Gender: Male

Training: Books

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United States

Posted June 1, 2014

I love our family Entlebucher, Max. We got him from hobby breeders who lived in the mountains; thus, they trained all their dogs to bark at ANYONE approaching their home. This habit has proved exceedingly difficult to break. Even though we got Max as a puppy, and he is now nearly 10 years old, he still must bark at anyone and anything approaching the house. We tried many schools and trainers, but nothing has worked. This is complicated by the fact that for the last 3 years or so, he has been blind. He developed cataracts in his eyes, which are characteristic of the breed (from my understanding), and eventually went completely blind. He is such a trooper - still makes it out to the dog park and enjoys his walks. We have purchased balls that have jingle bells inside so that he can chase after the sound rather than visually seeing the ball. He is very suspicious of new people...in fact, immediate family members are the only people he truly relaxes around. He has a heard of gold, but is anxious most of the time. Our other dog, a Wheaton Terrier, is the exact opposite - always mellow, good-natured, and friendly. Despite the presence & companion of the other dog, Max remains quite high-strung. I will say that he is easy to groom and very low-maintenance about food. He also follows one family member around all the time - sticks to her like glue! All in all, a sweet dog, but clingy and a barker.

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