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Posted April 28, 2014

English springer spaniels are one of the most beautiful dog breeds on the planet. They have unbelievably sweet faces with adorably sad eyes that make you instantly fall in love with them.

Though springer spaniels may be incredibly fun dogs, they have a high level of energy that may require professional obedience training. Sometimes the high level of excitement in a springer will lead to the dog ignoring cues from the master to calm down.

Springer spaniels have multicolored coats of soft fur. These dogs do shed a pretty great deal, so it is helpful to brush them as often as possible to keep the shed hair on the couch to a minimum. Grooming is a must, but this breed may only require a bimonthly visit to the groomers.

Springer spaniels' high level of energy make them great for a family with children. These dogs love getting attention, playing outside, and running around getting some of that pent up energy out! I have yet to hear of an incident with a springer where the dog was mean to a human or another animal.

My springer spaniel is a doll. Though she has her moments where she is so hyper she may have an accident inside the house, she has taken well to obedience training in helping her calm down. It is a requirement for her to be walked at least twice a day so she can run around. I assume much of her energy now is simply due to her being a young pup.

Annie is only 16 months currently and has been through a few obedience school classes. I can see drastic improvements in her ability to listen and calm down from just a few months of training. If you are willing to give a springer spaniel the proper training and attention, they will surely become an ideal dog for anyone!

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