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Port Jefferson Station, New York, United States

Posted December 16, 2013

We got Amy as a puppy and had her until she passed at 11 years of age. It was recommended to us that we train her early, so we began as soon as we brought her home (well, maybe a week later, the kids wanted to play with the new puppy more than we wanted to train her). The training was a little difficult at first, until we started using a reward system of small treats for good behavior. After that, training Amy was not difficult or frustrating at all (although we did, from time to time, find little "gifts" on the kitchen floor if she wasn't let out soon enough to do her business).

Grooming became a daily ritual, as the breed tends to shed rather constantly and the fur will mat if it isn't brushed on a daily basis. We took her in once a month for a professional bath/grooming, because frankly no one was brave enough to clip her nails for fear of hurting her. She was always, until the end when she was sick, silky smooth and just a beautiful dog to look at.

The best times with this dog were when we had her out in our large yard. The yard was surrounded by fencing, which was covered by trees, and Amy loved running around, chasing squirrels and other small animals, and terrorizing the neighborhood cat that used to hang around for scraps. I definitely believe Amy was happiest out of doors, as this breed tends to be very active and most houses just don't have the space for an English Springer to run around the way they like.

Although she had some problems (ear infections, a lot of barking, and somewhat snappish at first with a new baby), Amy was a wonderful family pet. She developed kidney disease and we had to put her down when she was 11, but until then, she was loyal, fun-loving, and a fabulous addition to our family.

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