English Springer Spaniel

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United Kingdom

Posted December 3, 2013

Being an energetic, action loving dog, the Springer Spaniel is best suited for people who love an active lifestyle spent outdoors. They love to cuddle, despite being to big to be a lap dog - they would happily sit on your lap if you allowed it. The Springer's personality is full of funny moments. My family dog wasn't satisfied with simply sitting on the back seat of my cousin's car, he had to sit in the child seat. He insisted on this so much that he got his own child seat. They also love water and many are happy to jump right into what ever water crosses their path. Be careful if you have a swimming pool that the dog doesn't decide to go for a swim unattended - this is something they seem quite found to do!

While growing up they can be particularly boisterous and need good training to set boundaries of what they can and can't do, otherwise you will end up with an out of control dog. The Springer is not a breed that can be left alone in the house all day and get very little exercise. Without plenty of attention and stimulation they will get frustrated leading to lots of barking and destruction of your possessions. The breed is best matched with someone who can calmly take the leadership role.

They are great family dogs and tolerant of children. The only issue I see is that they may be to big and strong for smaller children and possibly knock them over.

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