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United Kingdom

Posted November 26, 2013

Bess is my father's hunting dog. She's exceptionally strong, quick and inquisitive and loves to chase, hunt and kill things. But when not doing that she's very affectionate, loyal and loves being fussed over.

The bad - Bess spends most of her time outdoors. Because we live in the city she spends most of the week at my grandparent's farm where she has free access to all of their fields. This is kind of a good and a bad thing, as she's more than happy running through creeks and chasing frogs through the swamp, but she'll often come back covered in mud and she unfortunately runs TOWARDS gunfire (in the hope of something to hunt). When she runs off like that it's very difficult to get her back without a great deal of effort. Her hunting and killing doesn't end with wild animals either, although at least once a week we're gifted with a dead animal of some poor hedge rodent, she has attacked and eaten numerous baby pheasants and will try and sneak in a snack of baby chickens if she's not watched after night and day. Her malting leaves hair everywhere and as a result she's not allowed on the furniture at my grandparent's house at all.

The good - Bess is crazy! In a good way. She always wants to play or be petted or do something and has this effect of making you smile. If you walk in the house after she's been left alone she'll parade around with one of your shoes in her mouth, extremely happy that you're home. She's been on a strict diet for a long time (because she's a hunting dog) and so we've never really had any dental problems. She was easy to train and is very responsive on and off the lead. She's very good company and will sit calmly with you in front of the television. She's also likes her alone time and will quite happily go off on her own and sit in her basket for a while. She's not at all bothered by other dogs, to the point where she doesn't really pay them much attention.

All in all Bess is a very fun dog to be around. Her really bad points are things that she needs, long walks and lots of exercise, luckily we can give that to her, however I imagine she'd be irritable without it. She's devotedly loyal and a very kind spirited animal.

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