English Springer Spaniel

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United States

Posted May 3, 2013

I had this dog when I was young. One of my favorite memories of Duchess was when she was in the backyard on fresh cut grass, her paws entirely green and wet, sitting like she hadn’t just been running around. She was a very friendly dog, though it is hard to remember much of her as it was so long ago. I do remember that she was a great family dog, so I imagine that is a good thing.

My father took her hunting often. Because of this, she was highly trained and very obedient. Her ears were silky soft, but required cleaning to keep from ear infections. And my parents took her to the groomers to have her shaved and trimmed – though it was not necessary it was a neater look.

She was a smaller dog than what I have now (Labs). Energetic but not too much. And I don’t remember any issues with her at all. Our cat, and later cats, would snuggle up with her at night. And she was good with children, as my younger brother and I had her during the years before I turned eight.

Her grooming needs might be more than someone might want to deal with, especially if you prefer the trimmed look, but otherwise, I think they are a pretty easy going dog, content to spend time in a fenced backyard and walk on a leash twice a day, play with children and obedient enough to take hunting.

Duchess was a field-bred dog, with a docked tail, of white and brown (liver?) coloring. As my father was military, we moved out of the country, and Duchess went to spend the rest of her life with my father's sister.

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