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Working with English Springer Spaniel Rescue


Texas, United States

Posted April 3, 2013

I used to work with a veterinarian who owned 2 springers. They were her "breed". In turn, she helped with a lot of the rescue dogs from the Springer rescue in Austin. I have helped care for, treat, and handled many a Springer Spaniel, although I've never owned one. I personally am not super fond of the breed for myself, but Springer enthusiasts sure do love them! They can be a very fun breed of dog.

First of all, they are VERY energetic! You better be prepared to play with them a lot! Hopefully you have a lot of energy to match your Springer's. They are very happy dogs, and are constantly wagging their tails.

I will say that they can be very weary of strangers. They did offer to bite a few times, but that was under certain circumstances. I'd like to think they would make good guard dogs and watch dogs.

They are very intelligent and loyal. They can be easily trained. I would definitely look into training them how to walk them on a leash because otherwise they are going to be pulling you around all over the place. I have walked many Springers who were not leash trained and it wasn't very pleasant.

They have long fur that needs to be groomed and brushed on a regular basis. Burs get stuck in their coat easily and their fur can get matted quickly. They are not a low maintenance dog when it comes to grooming.

Health-wise, they are pretty good. They get a lot of skin-related problems like ear infections. Definitely a breed that is prone to allergies. We also saw a lot of Springer Spaniels with upper respiratory infections, but this is probably because they were coming from a shelter. Some of them had a pretty hard time recuperating from them though.

I would recommend an English Springer Spaniel to people who are active. Maybe people who spend a lot of time outdoors hiking or camping. Also, recommended to people that are willing to keep up with their grooming needs and are prepared to deal with allergy issues.

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