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Falmouth, Kentucky, United States

Posted August 29, 2018

Riley was a combination stray and rescue. We had met her before adopting her and had actually offered the owner that we would take her. The current owner was struggling with some issues and Riley was not being taken care of well. When we got her she was timid, distrustful and very pregnant!

But she loved my ten year old son and they bonded over tennis balls. Riley LOVES to play ball. She has that classic spaniel fetch drive. We discovered that Springer Spaniels are extremely athletic. Twisting and catching the ball in mid-air is a walk in the park for Riley. I have an Environmental Education Center and Riley is on hand to greet kids – usually with a slobbery tennis ball in her mouth!

Riley has become a very different dog then she was nine years ago. She reciprocated our love and has become a very friendly and happy dog. I recommend Springers for families with young children.

Springers definitely are a dog that needs a fenced in yard or farm that gives them ample room to run around. They will also love to go on family trips to the park, hikes and other outings. Play is very important and they do best with an active owner. Riley is now ten years old and still has to have ball time every day.

Springers have long hair which needs brushing otherwise it gets matted. Our Riley is a farm dog and I will admit to letting her go swimming in the pond. I can attest that Springers do smell when they are wet! If you are the neat and tidy type this may not be the breed for you.

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