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Archie and Millie


United Kingdom

Posted June 16, 2016

At the age of 9, we went to a breeding centre and picked up this little gem of a dog. We had never had a spaniel before, so we weren't prepared at all. This breed is definitely for patient, active people who like to be entertained! Archie is the loopiest pet I've ever had, and I love him for it, he's 13 years old now and he still acts like he was 2.

In terms of training, Archie is incredibly smart and learns very quickly, however he is also very stubborn, so although he might know what you're asking him to do, that doesn't mean he will actually do it! Funny thing is, when he was a puppy he was a scaredy cat, and he once had the runs really bad- and his own fart noises used to scare him. It means that now if he runs off, we just have to blow and raspberry and he comes straight back!

If wagging is truly a sign of happiness, then Archie is the happiest boy in the world, he literally wags his tail ALL the time, it's cute! We were watching the world cup in 2006 and rooney scored for england, we all shouted and cheered and archie started jumping around the room too. Since then whenever we say rooney he goes crazy!

Springer by name, springer by nature... if you've ever seen videos of hares jumping through long grass, think that but with a 25kg dog instead. It's honestly hilarious to watch! He loves any water, and if he sees or smells a puddle, pond, lake or sea nearby- he's off. There have been many times where he's ran off and we've found him in a pond, laughing away to himself.

Millie was an ex-police dog we took on at the age of 6, she's 17 now. She, unlike archie, is incredibly well trained and obedient. She loves playing fetch and she's very loyal. Her hips have started to collapse on her now, but we bought a doggy buggy so that we can still take her out in the countryside and to the beach. Again, she loves the water (not as much as Archie) and she is super friendly, and loves children.

A hugely friendly, laid back and entertaining dog,they are perfect for families and households which have smaller pets such as cats and rabbits. Honestly, a springer spaniel is a great dog to have- just make sure you've got the energy and time to look after them!

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