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United States

Posted October 29, 2015

Andy was such a sweet, loving dog. He was great with kids and other dogs, but he didn't get along with our cat very well (it may have been more of the cat's problem though!). Andy was energetic and non-stop. In fact he ultimately proved too much for our family; he needed a ton of exercise, and our busy family wanted something a little lower maintenance, which is why we ultimately ended up just having cats. But if you're looking for a loving, gentle, energetic, adventurous, beautiful dog, Springer Spaniels are a great option. We loved him to death, and his new owners loved him to the moon, too. He lived 14 years before passing peacefully.

A few small notes that may have just been Andy, or it could be representative of the breed.

Smelly: his farts were terrible! And because of his long hair, whenever he got wet he'd need to be washed. We had a stream behind our house that he loved to play in, but that made him dirty and smelly a lot! These dogs are also prone to ear infections, and Andy was no exception.

Food (perhaps the cause of the former!): he would eat absolutely everything, and we noticed from keeping in touch with his new owners that he got pretty fat in the last five years of his life.

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