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Heart Stolen by a Springer


United States

Posted August 6, 2015

Bonnie, a black and white Springer, was a wonderful dog. When I purchased her from the breeder, I was already familiar with Sporting dogs and knew to expect a high energy level. She certainly delivered on that account. What I didn't expect was her total commitment to my (then) young family and her ability to make everything a little sweeter.

Here are the facts about Springers:
The Good:
Loving, loyal, easily trained and socialized
The Bad:
Very energetic and need quite a bit of exercise, require grooming

Springers are a very special breed. If you're an active person, whether that's walking, running, swimming, they are the perfect companion. They're up for any exercise and any adventure. They don't shed profusely and they make excellent indoor dogs IF you give them enough exercise. This isn't a breed for an apartment dweller, unless you're committed to exercise, and it isn't a breed for couch potatoes.

If you are considering a Springer, make sure you find a reputable breeder who will be honest with you about the pedigree of your puppy. Some Springers are from Field lines, which means they are working dogs that bird hunt (these dogs require tons of exercise) and some are from Bench lines, which means they were bred for shows. Make sure you're honest with the breeder about your expectations of the dog and your energy/exercise level.

Springers are a great medium sized dog. Most weigh in the 45-75 pound range, depending on gender and pedigree. They love the water and swimming. If well-trained, they're great with kids. They need some training but they pick up things easily and since they love to please, they enjoy a brain work out. Bonnie was still learning new tricks into her eighth and ninth year.

In general, pedigreed dogs often require more vet care than mixed breeds so be sure to talk to your breeder about any concerns you might have about the breed before you commit to ownership.

I've owned lots of dogs but Springers are by far my favorite breed. I just can't say enough about the hearts of these dogs. They're everything I love in a dog.

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