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My English Springer Spaniel


22100, Finland

Posted August 3, 2015

When I was a child, only about six years old, we got Millan. A beautiful, sweet female dog and the wisest dog I have ever met. From the beginning, Millan fit right into our family – consisting of me, my two years older sister and our mom and dad, as well as the family cat (a domestic cat).

Millan was always calm – no matter what we did with her (dressed her up or drove her around in our doll stroller etc), she remained calm and trusted us. Especially Millan trusted my dad. Millan used to ride in a bag when he cycled and even when he drove the snowmobile.

I remember that her years used to get wet and dirty all the time, since they were so long and got dipped in the food. The size is medium, not small enough to step on or have in your lap, but not too large that plates fall from tables thanks to the (always) wiggling tale. The fur only needed some brushing now and then.

However, Millan had medical issues. First, her eyes got infected so she had to operate them. Then we found out that she had a heart disease and finally her uterus got infected. She ate medicin for the heart (and we carried her around in a bag as described so she wouldn’t get exhausted) and got her uterus removed. Then however, one dreadful day, six years old, she passed away. A day I will never forget and to this day, I cry every time I think about it.

Still, I can only recommend this breed to everyone. The breed, in my experience, is extremely happy, calm and kind to all ages, young children to old, familiar people and strangers. Millan was incredibly intelligent and loyal. Unfortunately, she was unfairly borned with a lot of diseases but I do not think it is breed typically. She was the best dog ever.

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