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United States

Posted May 20, 2015

My first dog was a Springer Spaniel named Myles. He was the best dog I ever owned. My father owned him before he got married and Myles became our family's first pet.

Myles was an exceptional dog and a perfect addition to our family. Springer Spaniels are congenial and friendly dogs. They love to please their owners and do not bark a lot or become agitated. They also have very level heads which makes them great with children.

Once, when I was a kid I gave Myles a "haircut." In my over exuberance I cut his thick coat down to the skin. He calmly sat and allowed a child to give him a terrible haircut, just to show his demeanor. Luckily, it was summer and he didn't seem to mind and I have since improved as a dog groomer.

One trait to note about Springers is that they have long, thick hair. They require regular brushing and hair cuts to prevent hat mats. Also, if they are indoors, they shed frequently and liberally. Consider how much time you want to spend grooming before owning a Springer Spaniel.

Springers are also very intelligent and obedient. They are often bred and trained as bird dogs which explains these traits. My father used Myles as a bird dog for many years and he was spectacular. Springers are great swimmers and love the water. They are also great retrievers and enjoy playing fetch in the field or the lake!

Myles was my favorite dog ever because of his gentle demeanor and energetic playfulness. I loved him like no other dog and miss him everyday!

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