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Ginny the Springer Spaniel


14563, Greece

Posted August 2, 2014

My family got Ginny from a breeder in England about 11-12 years ago. She was about three months old when she arrived in Greece, having traveled from the UK by airplane. The experience must have been incredibly traumatic for her, as she was very skittish and often hid under the furniture. Until a few years ago, she would hide in the bathtub during thunderstorms.
We've had Springer Spaniels for as long as I can remember; my dad likes to hunt, and apparently they make good hunting dogs. That said, Ginny's fear of thunder and other loud noises was a bit of a setback for her hunting career. But her skittishness is not necessarily representative of all Springers - I'd chalk it up to her airplane trip (and possibly her first hunting experience).
But what is representative of Ginny's breed, as far as I can tell, is her enormous appetite. This dog comes alive at feeding time, and she's been known to snap at phantom cold cuts and imagined chicken legs. The other Springer Spaniels we've had in the past were like that as well, although Ginny definitely stands out among her peers.
Overall, Ginny's a happy dog, although I certainly wouldn't call her sentimental or affectionate. She can be active when the mood strikes - she loves swimming in the ocean - but she's not one for fetch or playing dead. She's pretty attached to my dad, and I get the sense that she puts up with the rest of us because we feed her. And she's an absolute wizard at convincing you that she hasn't eaten in days.

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