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7160, Denmark

Posted September 30, 2014

Morten was a very good dog and loved to be active, however hard to walk, as he was very excited and wanted to sprint off to the unknown and not come back until dinner.

Fue to the complications in the family, he didn't get out as much as he had to and therefore made a lot of "whoopsies" on the floor.
Other than that, he was reliable and kind. He barked when strangers came, but as soon as they entered the house, he would lean into them and the tail would go crazy. He LOVED meeting new people and got very excited every time and people loved him as well.

He was very playful but it would come in sudden rushes of 10 minutes and just suddenly stopped. He liked to jump out of windows so he could meet other dogs in other yards, no matter how hard we tried to keep him in, he was loving the wind in his hair.

He is a large dog and his head will reach your hip. When standing on two legs, he would be as tall as me (I'm 5'3"). He was eager to learn and although it would take a while at times, he was always willing to keep trying.

If you want this type of dog, do make sure to have a lot of space. Preferably take the dog with you for hunting or release it on your farm.

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