English Shepherd

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Acquired: Breeder (hobby breeder)

Gender: Female

Training: Crate, Puppy, Socializing, Obedience, Assistance

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Felton, California, United States

Posted January 20, 2017

Lily is a three year old Tri-Colored English Shepherd from a retired Breeder in Soldotna Alaska. We brought Lily into our family to be a therapy animal for my chronic pain condition. I have owned Australian Shepherds and Chocolate Labs throughout my life and Lily is by far the best dog I have ever met or had the pleasure of owning. She was potty trained in under two weeks and never pooped inside! She was crate trained within two nights and learned everything we taught her with spectacular speed and excitement. She lives to please and keep track of the family. When around our nieces and nephews playing outside she doesn't leave their side walking up and down hills with them, keeping them from the edge of the lake and barking if they go too far. The protecting kids part we didn't even have to train into her, it came naturally. Then when we got chickens we instantly knew to herd them up and get them back into their coop when we let them out. She is a herd dog, a family dog and a Service Dog in training. With my chronic pain disability daily life can be too much for me to do on my own so Lily has been trained to pick things up off the floor for me, whine at me when I need to do my exercises and encourage me to stay active everyday. She knows to lay carefully next to me when I cry and I swear she has even learned multiple words and understands our human conversations. I would reccomend this breed to anyone looking for a good, loyal family dog who you can teach to do just about anything. As a puppy and even now at age three she is VERY high energy. As a puppy she would go on 3-5 mile runs and only be tired for an hour! Now at age three, she still needs at least an hour of exercise daily or she will whine and drive you nuts. She loves being outside with her people, at the beach or in the forest. She plays fetch and will swim in water without waves. She listens well but is stubborn and will push your limits if you let her.

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