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Beanie, our Heinz 57 variety dog


29092, Greece

Posted January 13, 2014

Beanie is a great dog and is getting on in her years now, but has always been loyal, loving and protective. We got her as a puppy and are not really sure what her parentage is as she was picked up as a stray.

When she was younger she was easy to teach as she would do anything for food, now she thinks that looking cute is good enough reason for us to give her a treat. She has always been loyal to me and used to always plod around after me, but these days she spends a lot more time lazing on her cushion.

She is a very hardy dog and has survived being hit by a car chasing after a cat, scoffing down poison laced food that she found in the street one day when she got out of where we lived at the time, she was diagnosed with kalazar about seven years ago but with medication she has been fine. Although over the last couple of years we have noticed that her legs tremble sometimes when she stands still, which is probably due to her age as it never stops her bounding off on her walks in the fields.

She is very protective and one time jumped out of the bedroom window barking when I was talking to a stranger, luckily for the dog the bedroom window is only five feet off the ground! If we let people she doesn't know into the house, she will make a lot of noise and bark, wagging her tail like mad at the same time. Once she realizes that the people are friends she just wants to be petted.

Beanie will eat everything and anything that is edible and she doesn't waste time chewing her food. I now weigh her out food, so that she doesn't get more than she needs as she was carrying rather more weight than she should.

In general, Beanie is a friendly and happy dog, she does like a fuss being made of her, but is happy just being around us. There is nothing I would change about her, except maybe her greed, she has been a good family pet for many years now and I hope that she will be with us for a few more.

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