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Bandit, the Doggiest Dog


Denver, Colorado, United States

Posted August 30, 2016

Bandit was an unexpected fourth roommate in the house I moved into, but since I work from home she's become a wonderful partner to have around. She started life as a house dog at a college where she was allowed to wander around campus without a leash which means she is now terrible on the leash but she's also excellent about coming when called and she's excellent around other people and dogs. I've taken care of dogs before that I feared walking because they might growl or bark at people, but Bandit not only doesn't do that she, she's completely oblivious. Which is incredibly satisfying when you're walking near a dog who obviously is not nice to other dogs and your own pooch is perfectly behaved.
However, Bandit definitely has her cons. She has little to no training and while some dogs can be fine with that, Bandit takes full advantage. She does not listen to any commands unless you have food, even something as simple as sit or stay. She commands the back entrance of our house that goes into the yard. Whenever you open the door she literally screeches as she runs outside. And God forbid you close the door -- it must be open at all times so she can decide whether she wants to be in or out.
Since I end up being the person who's around her the most, I'm working her to be less wound up about it and she has improved. But since it's not consistent with the other housemates it'll never be solved. She's also very protective of the house and does not like new dogs stepping on her turf. But she does warm up to them eventually.
Besides the barking and control she has of our house, Bandit is wonderful when you take her anywhere else. At homes of other people she never barks and frequently just lies down waiting to be played with. She's great about car rides, going to the bathroom outside and fetch. Like many mutts, Bandit has had no health issues and is incredibly low-maintenance.
If you're looking for a high energy but easy to care for dog, this mix is great. I would just suggest taking a little more interest in the dog's training that my housemate did but that's the truth for any dog owner.

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