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Beloved Rocky


22245070, Brazil

Posted January 25, 2014

I was 12 years old when we got Rocky. We lived in an apartment, so we were looking for a friendly and medium size dog. I always wanted a dog and asked for a long time for my parents to give me one. And they would always tell me that I would get a dog when I was aged enough to take care of the dog. My brother at that time was 10, so we both could take care of our pet, feed him, take him to walk and to the vet.

So we decided to look for this sweet breed called English Cocker Spaniel. We looked in many places and we finally found Rocky, this was how we called him just after we got him. Rocky was special! He just loved going out for a walk, running and playing around. But what I also loved about him, was that he was such a great and tender companionship. He would go wherever we were at the house and stick with us. When I was lying around watching tv, I used to put him on my legs and he would just find a way to get cozy.

Sometimes he could get very sentimental when we didn’t give him much attention or when we would walk him around on very short walks.

Rocky moved with our family to many cities, travelled by plane and all and it was always very easy to get him moving along with us. He got old, aged little by little. Cockers live a long time and we can see clearly on their bodies the age coming. Rocky started getting a little blind and got a little problem on his leg because of an accident. Despite that, he was slim and healthy because he spent his last years on our farmhouse and he ruined and walked a lot. He just loved it! If Cockers don’t get enough exercise, they can get very sad and fat also.

Rocky was happy on his last years, and I was glad. He died sleeping in a little corner that he just loved to stay there lying around a big wooden lion sculpture we had.

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