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The cocker Spaniel... what a difficult but still cute dog!


United States

Posted January 7, 2014

When I was very young my aunt got a cocker spaniel as a gift from a friend. Since I was very interested in dog´s behaviour, I decided I was going to teach the basics to her dog. Well... OH SURPRISE!!!!! This breed oh so beautiful, they look great all the time, they look fancy BUT they are so very difficult to train. Let me explain to you my experience... The dog I worked with was sort of bipolar... She could be in a great mood, loving you, giving you kisses, picking up the ball you threw... but some time later she was grumpy, bitter and at some point I remember her attacking our family members.

Of course, this does not mean that they are agressive and should be punished or whatever you have in mind, it just means you have to be carefull with their mood swings.

They are fast learners if they are in the mood to learn, they tend to manipulate their owners into doing things they want to get such as food, but this is not with a puppy sweet face but instead a barking sound.

If you have kids in the house I do not recommend this breed at all, you might have a lot of problems between the dog and the kids and the kids and the dog. If you are an adult who enjoys staying home watching tv and want a furry companion, then it might be a good choice since they don´t really jump around and seem to like just being lazy. My advise for you is to start your dog training activities as soon as the puppy gets home with you, that way you might decrease the issues I have said before.

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