English Cocker Spaniel

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

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United States

Posted December 10, 2013

We adopted Jody from an animal shelter because she was lovely and had a great temperament. She was quite shy at first, but she became affectionate quite quickly. She liked to be pet and would curl up beside any one of us for hours for it. And if no one was available she would nudge, nose and paw until she had her targets attention. She also had a sixth sence for when you had a bad day, and you had a medium sized dog in your lap trying to make you feel better. :)

She would go hide when strangers came calling, which often made me wonder about her former home(s?). But if a visitor's kid found her she took their attentions with good grace while she waited for an escape.

She was not especially bright. She never learned more than very simple prompts, and we had to rescue her from under the house several times, after she got herself stuck between the siding and a support, or found some phone wire to get tangled up in (how she managed to get the phone wires down to get tangled up we never figured out.) She also got herself stuck in the well house, the feed shed, and between the porch stairs (dont ask lol).

She needed a lot of grooming, but she at least loved riding in the car so trips to the vet and groomer were very simple. She was a total sweetheart and a fantastic companion dog, even if her functions on the farm as watchdog and problem solver were very limited. :)

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