Bella and Izzy

English Cocker Spaniel

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Everybody's best friend, the Cocker Spaniel


nottinghamshire, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Posted August 22, 2013

My parents currently have these dogs and have never been happier.
We look after them frequently while my parents are away and it is never anything but a joy.
The only ever aggression you will see in a Spaniel is when they see animals they seek to chase and eat. Unfortunately Bella has eaten an entire Moorhen before (yes swallowed down in one!) and if they get hint of a rabbit they go crazy. They can also get a bit jealous of each other and have a bit of a fight but we can usually tell when this is about to happen and send them to their beds separately. They are easily trained and respond well to command and reward training in the home. .
If you live in a household with only dogs and no smaller furry animals you will be greatly rewarded. I have never met a dog so loving and desperate to give and receive attention.
We cannot let the girls off at the same time on a walk as they are like a mastermind between them, telling each other to be naughty and chase every single rabbit trail. Even in their old age if they get a whiff of rabbit they look like pups again.
They do require some good grooming, we send them off to the doggy pamper parlour about every season and bath them in between. We also clean their ears daily. Their paws are a nightmare in snow as the snow goes in between the toes, clings to the fur and compacts to ice. This doesn't stop them enjoying themselves mind!
They make great guard dogs, watching by the door and barking if anyone unknown approaches.
In my opinion these animals are made to be with people and make the most incredible loving companions for all types of people.

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