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English Cocker Spaniel - Sporty queen


United Kingdom

Posted March 29, 2016

The first and only ECS I owned was a red solid colour purebred ECS, the days I’m more into cats, because I find them a great deal of inspiration for writing.
My ECS was cute and very pretty, generally, they all are. This may sound crazy but once I tried wearing a wig the style of her ears.
She was friendly with other animals, even cats; the transition in my home was quite peaceful, she welcomed the feline although they had their moments.
What I learnt from the ECS was how to keep a home tidy, she wouldn’t enter the room if it wasn’t tidy enough and she could almost freak out if the noise started getting too much. She loved very neat and peaceful places and she loved to strut around like a queen although fetch brought out the sportswoman in her.
The only challenge I had was keeping her clean, I had to make sure I brushed the ear to keep little insects out and constantly checked for nail overgrowth. Trying to keep her from spilling my food when she gets mad happened to be fun and challenging, she could be like this sometimes.
I would recommend an ECS as a gift for your grandparents or if you had someone elderly, this is because she doesn’t like being left alone; she could get very sad.
Finally, the ECS is a good buy if you’re on a modest income, you just need to keep it clean, feed it moderately and visit the vet only when very necessary.

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