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3074, Austria

Posted June 4, 2015

What a beautiful dog! And I'm not referring to the long, silky fur. In fact, she didn't even have that when she came into our household. Our beautiful small Cocker Spaniel was a rescue case (from a family breakup), with health issues that made her go completely bald! She was a timid little bundle when the vet gave her to us...but what a wonderful companion she became!

I'd heard all kinds of conflicting stories from friends and family about how Spaniels tend to develop a temper or fail to live up to their reputation of friendliness, but I honestly can't confirm them in the case of our little darling, who was the most friendly and well-behaved dog you can imagine. Yes, okay, so maybe she did tend to need a lot of cuddling and she may have been the prototypical "Velcro dog", but she obeyed beautifully and was game for anything. In many ways she was the ideal family dog: she went swimming, tobogganing (with ears flying!), cycling, and she loved to hang out of the car window. (Clearly a speed junkie!) Oh, and she loved to watch -- trembling with excitement -- the hedgehogs in the garden! (The hunter in her.)

Once she'd regained all her fur, she was also beautiful to look at. Frankly, if I had a choice, I would always choose a short-haired dog that doesn't pick up tons of snow and ice and takes ages to groom or dry. But somehow it was fun seeing her typical Spaniel facial expression -- you know, that "butter wouldn't melt" look -- when I started the hair dryer. I'll definitely miss her.

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