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What to expect from a cocker spaniel!


United Kingdom

Posted May 29, 2015

Growing up in my family home, I have lived and worked with four cocker spaniels, two of whom were born to us by their mothers, who were/are also family pets. The dogs have brought constant joy to our home, bringing a lot of love and laughter into the family via their loveable but adventurous ways! On the positive side, they are the most beautiful dogs, who love attention, cuddles and playing and they are extremely loyal. I will never forget Smudge, our second cocker, who used to wait at the gate at the same time everyday when we would come home from school off the bus. They are also excellent watchdogs, barking at any new vehicle/ person who came into the yard, to let us know there was somebody there. However, if you are looking for a guard dog, this is probably not the one for you, as whenever they actually get near anybody, they have a tendency to just roll over, expecting tummy scratches! This shows their extremely loveable nature. They are also pretty easy to maintain, just needing a brush/wash every now and again.

However, they do also require a LOT of attention. They are extremely active and energetic dogs and need a lot of space/ walks/ runs to keep them happy. They have been traditionally kept in our family as shooting dogs, and are extremely good at what they do (retrieving), loving going off for a whole day running around woods/fields. They can be trained extremely well, and for everyday commands such as sit/ down/ basket, etc. it is extremely easy. However, on long walks, it can be harder. They have their instincts, and if they get on a trail of something, then can have a tendency to run off (although they do always come back very shortly after), although they are overall obedeint.

Overall, I would say these are extremely loveable, energetic dogs, perfect if you love walking/ running but also the cuddles by the fire at night time. They have certainly made my life more enjoyable and I would have another one in a heartbeat.

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