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Buster the English Cocker Spaniel


Posted April 16, 2015

Buster, the love of my life :-). I was 12 years old when my Mum got Buster from a pet shop for me...it was love at first sight and I had just moved to Spain with no friends so I think my Mum got me him for company. He is now almost 12 years old so I have had him half my life. Since Buster we have only ever adopted and rescued ourselves off the streets as we learnt the truth behind many puppy farms and breeders in Spain. I could never regret him though plus I was a child and didn't know better. He was a very small 4 week old baby probably pining for his mummy :-( but he was so adorable and had a lovely silky black coat with a little white spot on his neck. I say that I puppy trained him but I should say I tried! He howled a lot and peed every where but he soon got put of that, not the howling so much though even after 12 years! He has always been a very nervous dog and suffer separation anxiety but I take full responsibility as he was babied from the word go. So he never really had proper training although after a few months he always went outside to go to the toilet. In his old age he is still fit as a fiddle just has a few cosmetic problems which are very common in Spaniels like warts and ear infections...The ear infections are very common and things get in them easily so he has frequent trips to the vets for that, other than that and the occasional nondangerous wart he is great. He isn't castrated as when I learnt about the benefits of castration he was too old but he has never ever even attempted to mount any of our females or anyone elses! So he has been a territory marker or aggressive in the slightest. He doesn't play much with my other dogs and never did even when he was younger he stuck to me or my Mum but I think he just thinks he's too good for that, like he's the king of the castle! Every now and then he becomes a puppy again. Grooming him has always been pretty easy we live in the country with a big garden so he has never had the typical pretty Spaniel hair cut which I imagine but be harder to keep on top of as their hair gets very long and matted if left as it's curly. I will always be biast when it comes to Cocker Spaniels because of Buster as he has been an amazing and loyal pet whilst I was a child and now as an adult.

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