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Aida, my first (dog)teacher


United Kingdom

Posted April 10, 2015

She was 4 weeks old when I chosed her watching the litter. She was happy on my lap, much happier than her siblings were. So I knew that we're a good fit. I couldn't wait to finally take her home two weeks later. As she was my first dog I read a book as a doggy bible to know her needs etc. I enjoyed teaching her and she was a great learner. While she was still very young learnt to retrieve her toys as a real hunter dog. Also learnt to respect the roadside, sat down and waited for my command to step down the road so I could let her off lead to walk freely on the street, sniffing around. She was a very independent and proud dog. Unfortunately my mum passed away tragically and I became depressed for a long time. Aida still was young, not one year old that time. She had a quite sensitive nature and was badly affected by the changes of my emotions. She became nervous, disobedient and even was growling at me sometimes. I understand that as I became emotionally weak, she couldn't look at me as her leader. However I had to show her many times that I am the boss, pushing her down to the floor but she didn't surrender easily. These were difficult times for both of us together. Our initial happy friendship became like a bad marriage for months. As I became calmer later she also calmed down and we made up continuing our friendship. She was 9 years old when diagnosed with cancer. After surgery I visited her every day at the vet clinic where she had to stay. Two days before I could take her home I suddenly felt something wrong about her. Calling the vet as soon as I could it turned out that I sensed when she died. I mourned my first, smart and silly, sensitive, independent and proud doggy-teacher for a long time.

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