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The Cocker Spaniel


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Posted June 3, 2014

My experience with the English Cocker Spaniel stems from my childhood, so I did very little training, potty or otherwise. However, I can tell you many things about these amazingly loving dogs concerning family.

Cockers are so loving and are great babysitters for children. They have an innate sense that smaller humans mean that they must be treated gently. We would often lay our head on his body to cuddle, or if we were rough housing he knew to never bite. In fact, he never bit, even if he should have out of anger.

Training Cockers are about average difficulty I'm told; he was able to know obedient commands and could pick out his favorite toys to play with by name, among other tricks.

Their coats come in a variety of ways - Max was golden with a white snout and black freckles - such a cutie! Minimal grooming is needed, however it is best a professional clean up from time to time.

To me, Cockers are the "Goldilocks" of dogs in size: not too small to step on, but big enough to cuddle and NOT get knocked over.

However, there are some caveats to owning this breed.

Most breeders dock the tails of Cockers - if you do not approve of this, you may not want to invest unless otherwise specified.

They are extremely nosy.. keep an eye out for your slipper in their toy basket.

Depending on how socialized they are, smaller animals like cats can become fun things to chase.

Max died of complications from tumor growth, so please keep that in mind as a health concern.


Cocker Spaniels are a fantastic family dog for children of any age, I would highly, highly recommend one to you.

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