English Cocker Spaniel / Papillon Mix

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My mixed breed is a Papi-cock!


Cranston, Rhode Island, United States

Posted October 6, 2016

Rory is a three-year-old mixed breed. His dad is a Papillion, and his mom is an English Cocker Spaniel. He's got his sire's coloring and his mother's build, bark and long ears. Sometimes people mistake him for a Cavalier King Charles, but he's all Cocker Spaniel. He weighs about fifty-five pounds and stands about two feet tall at the shoulder--a nice, medium-sized dog.

We got him when he was only seven weeks old. He was the last born in a litter of six, and the only one with a spotted coat. Because we got him from a friend, we were able to see him the day he was born and every week until he came to live with us. We got to know his personality and temperament ahead of time. He was always into mischief and ready to roughhouse with his brothers.

Rory is a great companion and a good friend. He's got the nicest personality of any dog I've ever had; he loves to cuddle with me, plays extremely well with my son, and "talks" to my husband. (They have entire conversations. Woo-woo-wooooooo! What they're talking about, they won't tell. I think it's the cat.) When he's not talking dog with my husband, he has a human vocabulary of about fifty words.

If I could say anything bad about Rory, it would be that he barks. A lot. Some people want a watchdog, and he's very good at it. His alert bark is very loud! And if someone unfamiliar comes in the door, he continues to bark. He's very protective of his people.

And if you asked me to describe Rory in one word, it would be "happy". He is easy to love and easy to be around, a good friend to adults and kids. (And even, the cat.)

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