English Cocker Spaniel / Cocker Spaniel Mix

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United States

Posted May 16, 2013

I had the privilege of having David in my life for 15, nearly 16, years. His father was a purebred English Cocker Spaniel and his mother was a purebred American Cocker Spaniel. He looked like a small Golden Retriever in some ways, except for the cocker nose and ears. His nose was slightly longer than the typical small nose of an American Cocker - that was the English Cocker trait. He was also larger than a purebred American Cocker, though still considered a medium size dog. At his heaviest he weighed about 40 pounds. His tail fanned out beautifully and I never considered having it docked, as many cocker owners do. He was not a show dog, he was a member of the family. His personality was so sweet - he was so full of love and kisses! He tended to be shy, and liked adults more than children. He had a slight fear of young children but from age 8 up he loved them. He was very smart and learned anything not only by being taught but by teaching himself. He was very observant and after seeing me do something he often surprised me by doing the same thing (including running to answer the phone by knocking it off the hook on a few occasions! He was a good watchdog without being a barker. He was very protective of me and of our household. The grooming was something I could handle on my own. He would get mats on his ears and hind legs from time to time - I called them his "cocker curls". But his disposition was so good that he easily let me comb his curls and cut out any mats. His health was excellent until he developed 3 tumors at age 14 (one on the liver, one on the spleen and one on the kidney). The kidney tumor was cancerous. He made it through the surgery beautifully and lived nearly 2 additional years. I once read about cocker spaniels that they have "chocolate eyes that melt your heart" and that was true about David. This is a wonderful mix of breed and if I could duplicate it again I would.

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