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Our Mixed East-European Shepherd


Posted February 3, 2014

Sadly, I don't have my photo of the dog I want to review. He died long ago and, at the time of my childhood, I didn't use to take photos of everything and everyone.

This dog was a mix of East-European Shepherd and some domestic, smaller breed. He was "owned" by my grandparents (mountain, village) and I used to spend few month during summers with him. He died long ago (he was old). I dislike dogs, but this one was probably the only dog I loved.

I have no words to express my admiration towards him. Although he was independent, sheepdog, and not a family/house toy dog, he was admired more than any human around. He was never trained. He fought immense times with wolves who attacked the herds. He fought immense times with wolves who attacked other dogs, small dogs. He fought with dogs who attacked other animals, cats... And he saved our lives many times.
Year before his death, I came from the city and walked through the mountain, picking strawberries and enjoying the nature. He was around and, at some moment, he prevented me from following one path. He squealed, barked and pushed me back, pulling my trousers. I ran. Tomorrow I was informed that, at that exact area, a bear attacked some people. It was just mom bear with a child, so she was afraid, obviously. They came down to pick strawberries, too.:)

His best friend was our cat. They were together almost 24 hours per day, minus the time he spent with the herd. He was absolutely safe for children and people, but knew how to recognize real danger.

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